Aixa Limited personnel are both highly experienced and respected former New Scotland Yard detectives.  

With a proven track record of successful investigations into both corporate and private matters, we react quickly to any given situation.  


Whether undertaking its work overtly or covertly Aixa will always discuss with our clients how projects are planned and developed before action is taken.

This ensures a full understanding of the work being carried out and to give the client the ability to retain control and influence development through discussion so that total satisfaction is guaranteed.


Aixa maintains the highest standards of integrity and values. Every action is undertaken with thought and consideration as to its ultimate value to the project.

No strategy is carried out without risk analysis and evaluation of its worth, potential impact on the client, and achievement of the best possible result.

Aixa provides a truly global service that operates within an international network with clients in locations around the world. Regardless of country or culture it has been recognised that different corporations experience similar problems. This broad exposure allows Aixa to continually build and share wide experiences, while still maintaining individual client confidentiality.

Solutions for Corporate Risks

Aixa Limited Is an independent, discreet and professional consultancy, every year many companies and organisations are confronted by various illegal and threatening activities it includes theft and is the single most damaging feature, in its many forms including fraud, affecting trade and profits, it also destroys careers and company credibility.

Aixa Limited have always been at the forefront of our industry and so as to strengthen our position and further develop the systems required for the ever increasing threats which face commerce,

to this aim as of 1 January 2017 we invited Alecto Limited to work under our corporate umbrella thus enabling Aixa Limited to provide an even wider range of dedicated services.